classicBOX Gogola – mini camper construction for SUV, VAN, and station wagon vehicles





“The “GoGola” box and its elements are made of natural birch plywood without laminate. Plywood is a 100% renewable and recyclable material. This version is perfect for your DIY painting visions – customize it to your liking. This is the only difference compared to other classicBOX models in colors.”


What is included in the classicBOX promotion package:

  • a box with storage space (adjustable in height for full use of the trunk space)
  • a removable 10-liter certified water tank and connecting water pipes
  • a USB-mini rechargeable electric water pump, with cable and rotating tap
  • a fitting collapsible, non-draining dish/washbasin
  • a natural oak rustic “wooden spatula” locker, oiled
  • a sliding bed base construction, with an adjustable headrest angle
  • hidden table elements with a glass, plate, and towel drying function
  • hidden elements – two chairs for the table (legs interchangeable with legs from the main table – allow for creating a low-high-small-large table…)
  • hidden elements – a sofa with a bed base to use outside, and to charm arriving guests
  • a certified up to 125kg strap for attaching the box to the trunk
  • two hex keys for preliminary adjustment and assembly
  • very multifunctional expander rubber (drying rack, holder, fastener, etc.)
  • a set of spare elements to extend the support legs – in case your next car is larger than the current one


in promotional sets, you also get “optional accessories” perfectly matched to “classicBOX” by 123camp, such as:

  • a natural oak board, oiled
  • a set of cups that fit into the “bathroom/kitchen” drawer openings, a brush cup, and an eco-soap dispenser pump
  • a wicker picnic basket with a thermal bag and a set of dishes, cutlery, and glasses for 2 people
  • a one-burner 2.2kW stove for cartridge gas with a spark igniter
  • a set of 3 mattresses in gray covers that can be unzipped and washed


Remember that some visible, decorative elements, cars, and even scrambled eggs appearing in the photos and videos are not elements of deal. The purchased set is described on the list above.

Delivery time: from 1 day to 3 weeks from the moment of payment of the order in the store or the advance invoice, depending on the season and stock levels. After paying for the order, we confirm the delivery date by email.

Transport costs are not included in the price for any area on the territory of the European Union, it is roughly 185€. Delivery is confirmed after you fulfill your ZIP code for delivery (just before payment)

The dimensions of the packed set are 80x80x120cm – the pallet box contains a set of the highest quality leisure goods.


The weight of the entire set is 69kg net. Weight with packaging – 79kg.


The set is delivered ASSEMBLED. The user should only adjust:

  • the height of the support legs to the “bed base”
  • the height of the main box to pass the trunk threshold and drawers
  • install in the car, and enjoy using the classicBOX in a moment.

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