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1…2…3… and you have a camper

Our new miniB box – ready for takeoff.

miniB fully equips you for your next outdoor adventure, while fitting snugly into an air-travel-ready suitcase. miniB lets you take your camper with you anywhere in the world. When it comes to camping & #vanlife, they say that “Home is where you park it,” with miniB we say “take it with you! miniB will go where most campers wouldn’t dare”

Our tried and tested classic model 123camp – classicBOX – in the winter scenery of Kaszuby (Poland).

It does require some imagination to move from such beautiful winter weather to your own car, which you can park in a different beautiful and sunny corner every weekend, without reservation, without waiting, being as close to nature as possible. Then it will be without snow and much warmer – because the only thing that 123camp.eu cannot provide in the set is the weather:)))

See up close the quality of details in the classicBOX

Digital control of the machines producing the elements, combined with old craftsmanship, creates a piece of furniture that is pleasant to the touch… Natural oak elements and a wicker basket with a picnic set – everything fits together perfectly.

miniB table in two heights and comfortable chairs

The miniB set table can be set at a height that matches the chairs or lower for a sofa or comfortable picnic on a beach blanket.

Technical video and features of classicBOX

Our box is probably the first non-invasive camper van conversion for regular cars that also has the ability to transform into a dining room and living room with a double sofa bed :))) See how it works in the above video.

Our first video featuring classicBOX and the Pagan Mountain Ślęża in the background.

This is the first video we have prepared for you.
FREEDOM FOR BOXES “changing car into camper in 3 minutes” for almost any station wagon, SUV, VAN. We hope you would have as much fun using your boxes every day, as we did filming in the winter aura and in a car that was older than the actors ; )

See the classicBOX camper box from every angle – “old film”

Someone asked us to show the camper box in a 360-degree rotation – so we had another good time building a turntable and generating movement with an “animation” string.
– Enjoy watching.

Comfortable mattress is the foundation of relaxation

We use high-quality foam mattresses with removable and durable covers that can be easily removed and washed. The mattress is divided into three parts, which during the day can be arranged to form an outdoor sofa…

ClassicBOX combines classic design with natural materials.

Once assembled, it looks modest and elegant while holding all the essentials for your camping trip.

Multi-functional elements transform ClassicBox

From the beginning, we tried to ensure that each element had more than one use. Thanks to this, you can easily turn the mattress base into a sofa and table. The table top has a dish and glass rack, and more…

M4 – is a symbol and description of apartment

The M4 mobile from 123camp.eu offers:

  • A bedroom for two – with a comfortable foam mattress, in covers that can be removed and washed after the adventure
  • A kitchen – equipped with everything minimalists need
  • A bathroom – for minimalists, but soon we will provide a link to useful outdoor showers
  • A living room – with a comfortable sofa, adjustable backrest, and a nice little table next to it for a cup of coffee…
  • A dining area – that takes up no space while driving, can be set up in a “click” and allows for comfortable dining in nature.

And everything fits so well together…

The foldable sink basin perfectly covers the natural oak cutting board, oiled for durability. The sink folds and comes out of the drawer…
… behind the sink, there’s an eco-liquid dispenser and a cup for toothbrushes, perfectly fitted, and three additional positions for the divider separating the larger from the smaller section… The faucet delivers water from a certified 10-liter tank and can also be turned to make space for a picnic basket with a “fridge” thermal bag…

Sofa with the best view – where will you place it?

We also wondered why no one has done it yet ??? it’s obvious that on 1,2,3… and the sofa should appear in the most beautiful living room “the world is mine”.

GoGoła version of ClassicBOX – DIY color?

If you want, prefer, or like it – the “naked” natural birch plywood will be subject to your painting visions – as you wish… while still being a moisture-resistant material that is not afraid of even real rain.

not yet?

go for more : )

Minimum width of the car’s boot space

Size A – Width under the main mattress:

  • minimum of 110cm for the miniB – and a mattress width of 115cm
  • minimum of 110cm for the ClassicBox – and a mattress width of 120cm

Size B – Minimum width between the wheel arches:

  • minimum of 93cm for the miniB
  • minimum of 90cm for the ClassicBox

Minimum length of the car’s boot space

Size C – Length for the structure under the mattress:

  • minimum of 179cm for the miniB – and 180-192cm for the mattress
  • minimum of 189cm for the ClassicBox – and 190cm for the mattress

* Only in the case of the miniB, it is possible to place the platform over the front seats in small city cars

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