Classic Big Car for Learning to Walk – “Non-camper” design inspired by Citroen 2CV




A classic car, a cross-generational vehicle for learning to walk, a companion for teddy bear rides (e.g., after removing the push handle and attaching the pull string), and various other play activities (well supervised to keep an eye on our beloved unlimited fantasies). An ideal gift to instill a young one’s passion for cars, not just for driving but also for adventure (with a camper-like miniB, for instance).

We’ll deliver to you an assembled, sizable vehicle in a sturdy box, perfect as a GIFT—just wrap it in decorative paper (or not). This walker for safe learning to walk only requires a parent, grandparents, aunt, or neighbor to attach the handle using the provided two screws and Allen key… and it’s READY!

The car’s dimensions are IMPRESSIVE; this is a large and robust toy reminiscent of the past:

  • Length: 788mm
  • Width: 253mm
  • Height with handle: 486mm

This vehicle has a more eco-friendly drive than Elon’s Tesla and is more durable than the Land Rover Defender from the Camel Trophy edition.

The entire model is crafted from natural birch plywood, and its wheels are made of laminated MDF, while the rods are of natural wood. All pieces are machined on CNC mills, then hand-sanded, assembled, and sanded once more…

Our test teddy bear loved it, and kids at the test kindergarten wouldn’t let go of the model, not even by trickery…

NOTE – We have a very limited quantity of cars before the holidays. First come, first …

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 77 × 30 × 35 cm

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