miniB – Car Camper Box for SUVs, Station Wagons and Small Cars


“miniB” is our most compact, removable car camper box that transforms your car into a comfortable mini camper. Our unique design makes “miniB” not only the best conversion package for SUVs but also for station wagons and hatchbacks, making it the ultimate car camper conversion kit.

It’s so compact that you can even take it on a plane, hire a car at your destination, and have your car camping setup anywhere in the world! Apart from providing a reliable solution for sleeping in your car, the “miniB” camping box also gives you an outdoor sofa for daytime relaxation with the view of your choice, and a table with two stools for meal preparation or your mini office.

Car camping is as easy as 1-2-3, and we cover all your needs!

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miniB – Car Camper Box for SUVs, Station Wagons and Small Cars

Introducing the “miniB”, our most compact car camping box that transforms the car you have into a comfortable mini camper. Whether you’re traveling for a spontaneous adventure, hiring a car at your destination, or simply looking for a reliable solution for sleeping in your car, miniB is designed to meet your needs. It’s so compact that you can even take it on a plane! Imagine hitting the road with the convenience of having a cozy and functional mini camper wherever you go. The miniB camping box lets you sleep in your car with comfort, ensuring every journey is enjoyable and stress-free.

Feel the Freedom and Comfort with miniB camper conversion kit

miniB camping box in nature

Experience the ultimate freedom with miniB. Sleep anywhere, anytime on your road trip adventure. Whether you’re exploring remote wilderness areas or picturesque countryside landscapes, this car camping setup gives you the flexibility to rest in nature’s most beautiful and peaceful spots.

Enjoy the comfort of home no matter where you are. The miniB car camper box ensures you sleep as comfortably as in your own bedroom. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day’s adventures.

Unique Places in Peace
Discover the tranquility of unique, off-the-beaten-path locations. With miniB, you can stay overnight in serene spots far away from crowded and noisy campgrounds. It’s just you, nature, and the peacefulness of your private retreat.

Features and Possibilities of miniB camper box

Versatile Functionality

  • Sleeping Solution: Convert your vehicle’s rear space into a comfortable bed for two adults. With miniB, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep on the flat surface and comfortable mattress.
  • Seating Arrangement: Easily transforms into a cozy sofa for daytime relaxation. Perfect for reading, lounging, or enjoying the view.
  • Dining Setup: Includes a table with two height settings, ideal for indoor dining, working, or playing games. Enjoy meals and activities in the comfort of your car.

Innovative Design

  • Compact and Portable: The miniB is our most compact car camping setup. It’s specially designed to fit the airplane baggage limits that you can take it on a plane and set it up in a rented car at your destination.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Made from durable and sustainable wood, miniB is environmentally responsible and blends seamlessly with nature.
  • High-Quality Materials: Built from robust, weather-resistant materials designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting use.

Convenient Storage

  • Main Chest with Adjustable Storage: Features a height-adjustable chest for maximizing trunk space and keeping your car camping gear organized.
  • Ample Storage Space: Includes multiple compartments for storing all your camping essentials, ensuring everything is within easy reach.

Quick and Easy Setup

  • No Tools Required: Simple installation that requires no additional tools. Set up your mini camper in minutes and be ready to hit the road.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit a wide variety of cars. Make your station wagon, hatchback or SUV a camper – the best car for camping is the one you have!

What’s Included in the miniB camping box?

  • Main Chest with Storage Space: Height adjustable for full use of the car rear space.
  • Pull-Out Worktop: Convenient surface for preparing meals or working.
  • Suspended Bed Frame: Supports up to 200 kg, providing a comfortable bed for two.
  • Table with Two Heights: Suitable for picnics on a blanket or use with the sofa and stools.
  • Two Stools: Legs interchangeable with those of the sofa for versatile seating.
  • Sofa: Created by disconnecting two bed elements, perfect for outdoor use and entertaining guests.
  • Straps: Two certified straps (up to 250 kg) to secure the chest in the trunk and suspend the bed on headrests.
  • Two Allen Keys: For easy adjustments.
  • Set of Mattresses: Removable covers, tailored to the bed and outdoor sofa.
  • Storage Bag: For storing and transporting everything conveniently.

One camping box, so many options!

Weekend Camping Trips
Escape the city for a weekend getaway in nature. With miniB, you can easily convert your SUV or Tesla into a comfortable mini camper, allowing you to enjoy spontaneous camping trips without the hassle of traditional camping gear.

Flying with miniB
Take your miniB camping box on a plane and hire a car at your destination. Whether you’re exploring a new country or visiting a distant city, miniB’s compact design makes it easy to bring along, ensuring you have a reliable and comfortable camping setup wherever you go.

Everyday Use
Use miniB for everyday convenience, such as impromptu breaks during long drives, a mobile office space, or a comfortable spot to relax while waiting for events. The versatility of miniB makes it an essential addition to your vehicle for various situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will miniB camper box fit my vehicle?
A1: Most likely, yes. miniB is designed to fit a wide range of SUVs, vans, and station wagons which makes it the ultimate car camper conversion kit! Our universal fit ensures compatibility with most vehicle models. To be sure, please check the dimensions of miniB against your vehicle’s trunk space. For detailed instructions on how to measure your car, please visit our fitment guide page.

Q2: How easy is it to set up miniB?
A2: miniB is very easy to set up and requires no additional tools. You can have it ready in minutes by following the step-by-step instructions provided in the installation guide. The process is straightforward, making it convenient even for beginners.

Q3: Can I take miniB on a plane?
A3: Absolutely! miniB is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport on a plane. This allows you to hire a car at your destination and set up your mini camper anywhere in the world, giving you unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Q4: Is the mattress comfortable enough for long trips?
A4: Yes, the high-density foam mattress included with miniB provides excellent comfort and support, ensuring a restful sleep even on extended trips. Thanks to miniB, you sleep on a flat surface regardless of how well your rear seats fold down. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, noisy inflatable mattresses. The removable covers make it easy to keep clean, adding to the overall comfort and convenience.

Q5: How durable is miniB and can it withstand rough conditions?
A5: miniB is made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its robust construction ensures that it remains durable and reliable, even in challenging conditions.

Order Your miniB Today!

Transform your vehicle into a mini camper with our miniB camping setup and start your next adventure with ease. Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort of sleeping in your car, no matter where your journey takes you. With miniB, you have the freedom to explore, the comfort of home, and the flexibility to travel on your terms.

Don’t wait – order your miniB now and hit the road with confidence and comfort! Join the community of happy campers who have already made miniB their go-to travel companion. Embrace the adventure and make every trip unforgettable with miniB.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 110 × 65 × 25 cm

Green, Light gray, Navy blue, Red, White

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